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My electronic/kit products: See "Other Products" section for panel dimmer and Voice Alert system monitor:




Flap System summary in Powerpoint (2.01M)

Flap System Pictures and schematic Zip (4.14M)

POH is available in 6 sections in Word format. This is more of a template and will require considerable additional effort to customize for your plane

POH download Zip

Annual Inspection Checklist - In Word format. This is adapted from Ed Bernard's original

Pre-flight checklist - My checklist, suitable for printing double sided on card stock and laminating

First flight Itinerary/checklist - Word document of first flight items to accomplish. I used this during my first flight, circling the field at 3K. Study before flight and develop a mindset of what you plan to do.

First Flights Data Gathering Sheet  - This is an Excel spreadsheet for gathering engine performance data during your test period. 

Performance Spreadsheet - This is an Excel spreadsheet patterned after the Beech Bonanza performance sheet. It contains the actual tested data for my plane

Weight And Balance spreadsheet - Spreadsheet for calculating my weight and balance. Can be used as a base for specific plane customization

Flight logging sheet - Excel sheet for recording flights. I have a book of blank pages of this form in the plane for record keeping